Factory direct outdoor wooden combination slide product introduction

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Factory direct outdoor wooden combination slide product introduction

Combined slides are not only a kind of play products, but also a kind of children's instrument activities. It is common in kindergartens and children's playgrounds. It is a toy facility that is often used in children around 6 years old. In addition, the combination slide is also designed for different uses, such as life-saving slides, climbing slides, rope net slides, etc. Children can play slides to have certain willpilities, and play slides can cultivate their brave spirit. Combination slides are divided into different types because of different materials. Today, Xiaobian wants to share the wooden combination slide.

This article contains the following

1. Advantages of Wooden Material Slide

2. Wooden slide process level and installation

3. Wooden combination slide easy to carry

Wooden slide combination main map - 4

First, the advantages of wood materials slide

The products made by the wood have always been a symbol of nature, and it has always been a raw material product that everyone likes. It can see a lot of products in life, which is wooden as raw materials. Wood is most consumption familiar and trusted materials, and therefore often combined with outdoor products, such as wooden combination slides. Compared with traditional slides, wooden slides are more beautiful in texture appearance, while wood materials are also a resource material that can be reused.

Second, wood slide process level and installation

The load capacity of the wooden slide itself is stronger than other materials, so it is better to be affected in the outside world. However, the wooden slide itself is uncomfortable, so the music map will apply a layer of protective material on the surface of the slide when producing wooden slides, which can ensure that the beauty of the slide itself is not lost. At the same time, it is also necessary to focus on installing wooden slide equipment, it is necessary to slave their position, and cannot be assembled in places where the water is contacted, which is also the foundation of the wooden slide decline.

Wooden slide combination main map -8

Third, wooden combination slide easy to carry

The weight of the wooden combination slide itself is not particularly high, so it is more easy to carry and assemble, and for some small self-built venues or communities, they want to build a place where they can play, but it is not convenient. Transport, therefore, choosing a wooden combination slide is a very good fire. Although many parents will let children stay in playing plastic slides, the advantages of wooden slides are obviously more obvious.

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