Failure case analysis of children's play equipment

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Failure case analysis of children's play equipment

As early as 2017, I reported this about \"investors spend more than 700,000 yuan to build a children's play park, but the final paralysis is caused by the cause of the equipment. This can be said to be a true painful lesson. I hope that many newer investors can lead to the ring, and choose a play equipment must have quality assurance. Next, Xiaobian is analyzed!

Miss Zhang once made a business business business. After exposure to the children's play industry, I feel that this industry is very good, and listening to friends is also very profitable, so I have made children's paradise investment. Later, I found the relevant manufacturer, but because the investigation without the field project was worried and joined the contract, the quality of the players of the manufacturer did not strictly. So, in less than half a year, Miss Zhang's children's park is really can't walk, and I was forced to close.

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Later, I learned that the park is closed because of the equipment failure, there are some equipment that can operate normally during the child park trial operation, but at the time, the manufacturer is very careful, and the park is free of charge for the paradise. So Miss Zhang felt that after-sales service was so safe, trustworthy. But there is no need to think that in 2 months in continuous operation, there are more and more problems in the equipment, such as the shooting gun in the venue, because the number of people who can't play, and the number of people who play. Coconut tree Constantly emitted sound in the rotation process. Later I realized that the problem of equipment quality, if the quality of the equipment caused by the quality of the equipment, it will cause a large injury and loss.

Therefore, Xiaobian said that such an instance is to remind the majority of investors. When choosing the manufacturer, it is not only to watch his service attitude, and more importantly, it is to see his equipment quality, design level. When choosing the manufacturer, you must be patient, buying a play equipment is more than three, you can't hurry to set the manufacturer. Consideration of a child's play equipment manufacturer can pass the cost of product output in the market, that is, their actual production case, this is very intuitive test quality of equipment, because you can take consumers's perspective Experience to achieve the best choice status and effect.


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