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How can a combination slide equipment manufacturer develop product to attract children?

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How can a combination slide equipment manufacturer develop product to attract children?

How can a combination slide equipment manufacturer develop product to attract children? For music maps, it is definitely a novel design basis plus high-end environmental protection to create children's preferences. At the same time, for the customer, their standard for product quality is the level of the product for the site and the extent to the children like. Of course, choosing a suitable combination slide is also very important, combination of slides and other play facilities can be more interested in children. Whether it is a slide manufacturer or a customer, the design of the combination slide is definitely highly strict requirements, and Xiaobian will analyze from the following aspects.

This article contains the following

Group slide color design selection

2. Supporting a play equipment extension

3. Product material selection

Wooden ecological series combination slide main map 3

First, combined slide color design selection

According to our professional market research, children like most and believe that the most sense of self is yellow, and most of the color distribution in the playground, most of the product design is warm-colored, but as Former preschool children, it is recommended to use all natural colors.

The morphology and color of the play equipment require a certain degree of beauty, especially the color of color, which will seriously affect the comfort of the overall environment, safety performance, fatigue effect, etc., so the color choice of play equipment must not be very good.

Second, supporting a play equipment extension

Different age groups are different from the needs of amusement equipment. Children under the age of 7 need to cultivate nature, develop intelligence; children around 10 years old need to develop interactive communication skills; children 12 years old need to carry out physical exercise skills, Strengthen the interaction of the sensory experience, promote physical fitness and macroscopic exercise.

Select the appropriate interactive play equipment according to the size of the site and the construction level, and can also determine the difference between the different play equipment according to the actual market development scale.

Wooden ecological series combination slide main map 7

Third, product material selection

Combination slides are standardized amusement facilities in Children's Park, according to plastic materials, wooden materials, metal materials, rubber materials, etc., can shape different forms and scale combined slides. However, Xiaobian is also recommended to use 304 stainless steel-based combined slide construction, which has a long-term use of wear-resistant characteristics and environmentally friendly. However, the price of stainless steel slides is high, and the overall value of a penny is reflected in the total value.

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