How can an outdoor play equipment maintain the long-term efficient use?

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How can an outdoor play equipment maintain the long-term efficient use?

Large amusement equipment is divided into indoor and outdoor items in accordance with different venue space, and outdoor players need to ensure the normal use of the safety and life of their normal operation, because it takes a long time to experience the baptism of outdoor environments. Regular maintenance and maintenance work. So, how can large outdoor players maintain maintenance to make the use efficiency have long been constant? Next, look at how to introduce you to you!

This article contains the following:

1. Indoor and outdoor play equipment use gap

2. Outdoor play equipment common way

3. Outdoor play equipment daily inspection maintenance

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First, indoor and outdoor play equipment material use gap

First, Xiaobian must first introduce the different material properties of the following indoor and outdoor equipment. Outdoor play equipment should have complete endurance that is abandoned, so the material choice is also imported high-end engineering plastics, 304 stainless steel, PE, plate, etc. Second, indoor play equipment does not need to have these more empirical considerations, and the selected materials are mostly beautiful, such as fine photo views, etc., while achieving the effect of wear-resistant never fading.

Second, outdoor play equipment common maintenance

If you have left some mud stains, oil stains, etc., usually use alcohol, tea, etc. It causes the overall view of the equipment to decrease, and can use the same furniture color crayons or pigments to be wound uniform, to cover the exposed background; if the plastic outdoor children's products are wiped by matches or wipe the coke, you can Wrap the fine lines in the matches or toothpad, and then rubbed the focal mark.

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Third, outdoor play equipment daily inspection and maintenance

In addition to the external image of outdoor play equipment and the organism, it is actually the daily safety inspection and maintenance of outdoor equipment. Operators must conduct a special work technician every day to conduct a quality inspection of electric equipment and informal equipment. At the same time, strict trial operations are needed before formal opening, ensuring that all products do not have any problems. Otherwise, a small security hazard will be a major blow for the playground.

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