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How do outdoor non-standard custom players choose quality suppliers?

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How do outdoor non-standard custom players choose quality suppliers?

In the past more than 10 years, the development of the children's play industry is very rapid. In fact, the most fundamental reason is the rapid development of regional economy, and the average income of the family has improved. At the same time, with the educational issue of the child, many parents will will The child is in the first place. Focusing on children, education, family, many people put their goals in the children's play industry, so a lot of manufacturers have begun to gradually invest in the production direction of the play equipment, so that non-standard equipment has developed. But under the development of the times, children no longer like to like ordinary monks, and the development of outdoor non-standard playing equipment is imminent. but,Outdoor non-standard amusement equipmentHow to choose a quality supplier, there is a bottom in the purchase!

This article contains the following:

1, standard industry association recognized

2. Accurate market word of mouth

3, good market sales data

4, field factory project inspection

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First, the standard industry association recognizes

Which is a non-standard children's play equipment? Good manufacturers are subject to national professionally recognized because the manufacturer of non-standard customized types must enter the relevant industry association, but also have to make a production qualification certificate in the industrial and commercial department, so you are inspecting manufacturers You can check these large-scale legal documents, you can easily measure the quality of one manufacturer.

Second, accurate market word of mouth

Among the market sales of the equipment in a supplier, there will be a certain reputation signal naturally, using more product users, and the higher the satisfaction of quality, it will form a better reputation. There are several brands in the current market today, but also have a prestigious in China, but also have their own dealers in many Europe and America, such as Tri Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., such a brand reputation worth buying.

Third, good market sales data

The product sales of a brand is rich, the higher the sales volume, which can not only represent the manufacturer's production capacity, but also highlight the market is happy to accept such products, this type of product approval will make you have enough reputation after purchase, With regard to the real data of sales, you can investigate from the Industry Association.

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Fourth, the field of field factory project

Whether it is from the Internet to find the manufacturer or from someone else's word-of-mouth image, it is not a field inspection, especially when carrying a large-scale procurement equipment, buyers is best going to the actual company of manufacturers. Visit, plant, production department, research and development department, only in every aspect of the implementation of the implementation, the quality of the product can reach a certain guarantee.

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