How does the outdoor play equipment manufacturer choose, which factors are more important?

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How does the outdoor play equipment manufacturer choose, which factors are more important?

The current outdoor playground invests very hot, and various entertainment, easy-class project operations, and accompanying the production of black science and technology projects, there are high passenger traffic. But before investment, what we need to do is to optimize outdoor play equipment manufacturers in advance, you need to know how to choose a better amusement equipment manufacturer, pay attention to the influencing factors of outdoor play equipment manufacturers.

This article contains the following:

1. Manufacturers' online word of mouth and ranking

2. Manufacturers' equipment development and production

3. The equipment given by the manufacturer

4. After the after-sales service and installation of the equipment is in place

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Factory online word of mouth and ranking

Outdoor play equipment manufacturerWord of mouth and promotional ranking can be seen online. First, you need to understand the following manufacturers' rankings on the network, you can consider the manufacturers you want according to the choice of keywords. Second, you can learn the reputation of the following outdoor play equipment manufacturers by knowing, Baidu knowing, Sogou asks such a platform.

Manufacturers' equipment development and production

How to understand the actual equipment development and production of manufacturers? You can find out in two o'clock, first of all, find the product customized by the manufacturer for other places, you can go to the line to understand whether the play equipment products are like the public, how is the quality and quality? Second, through the field inspection of the manufacturer, go to the company directly to understand the manufacturer's production technology.

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Manufacturer given equipment sales price

The price of the play equipment is particularly known. Because the equipment provided by the playground is basically the factory direct sales, there is no agents in the middle, but some products have the existence of agents, buy products in agents The price is much higher than the price directly getting the goods directly.

After-sales service and installation of equipment in place

The standard service in the installation and after-sales standard service is also particularly important because the outdoor play equipment is particularly high for security quality, not to say that the manufacturer arranges logistics companies to put products directly in the venue. It is so simple. Instead, there is a professional person to help you do this, and after-sales service includes product testing after installation.

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