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How is the price of outdoor play equipment estimated?

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How is the price of outdoor play equipment estimated?

Many investors of many outdoor amusement parks have such confusion. How do different types of play equipment for charging standards, is it in accordance with a quote of a ride? What different differences or differences have these two different quotations? How to estimate how the price of outdoor play equipment is estimated to make Xiaobian to find you:

According to the square meter quote

Since it takes about the way in the way, it will definitely want the quote of the square, there is no fixed price. This is a truth. This is a truth. It is better to buy a piece of cloth, the material is different, the price is Difference; with embroidery and the same difference in embroidery, the price difference is also relatively large.

In the same way, the price of each square meter of outdoor play equipment is also different. According to each outdoor play equipment, the internal play equipment, the floor mat is quoted, and the outdoor play equipment of the music map is a quote per square meter.3001000Yuan does not wait.

Physical to expand training equipment on white background Figure 5

Music Amusement is here to remind everyone that there are many bad manufacturers in the market to defraud customer trust in low prices. After the product is produced, it will find that the quality of the equipment expected to be expected is much worse. Tu play suggests investors, when choosing a square ratio, must learn the material usage of the equipment and containing which basic play equipment, must not fall into the low-priced trap.

Quote according to equipment

It is understood from the literal mean to understand the material conditions of the outdoor play equipment. Because this quotation is more open and transparent, and it is also very meticulous to use every particular material, because this has become the main quotation of the music map.

Most of the outdoor players are a customized type of products. Each outdoor equipment cannot be directly copied. Even if the equivalent equipment project, the material and the specific function will also be the land, which means Outdoor play equipment prices cannot be unchanged.

Physical Export Training Equipment Main Figure 8

In addition to the above two common market quotation methods, the material of the product also affects the important factor in outdoor equipment quotation. Some investors may think, I have seen products in other manufacturers but the price is much cheaper than the music map. But this does not mean that their products are better than us, we are in actual value to specify the price of the product.

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