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How long is the outdoor play equipment installation cycle?

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How long is the outdoor play equipment installation cycle?

How long is the outdoor play equipment installation cycle? A lot of investors before payment will consult us, how long is the construction cycle of the entire playground. In fact, the installation cycle will only take about 10-15 days, but why a complete amusement park takes a few months from design to completion? This is due to survey, design, negotiation, production, transportation, installation, and trial operations. But as long as you make a good manufacturer, these processes are very simple.

There are some important links in this installation process. If you have a slight error, you may cause unvidenceive consequences.Outdoor play equipmentWhat details should you pay attention to when installing?

This article contains the following

1. Firmability of outdoor play equipment

2. Setting outdoor play equipment slope

3. The test step cannot be less

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First, the firmness of outdoor play equipment

When installing an outdoor amusement park, we must ensure that each device is stable and firm, but also guarantees the normal operation of the equipment. At the time of installation, be sure to take into account the hardness of the ground, whether to withstand the tension brought by the equipment, each fine part should also be tightened, the connection between the devices must be stable, the bracket is best to build a galvanized steel pipe More firm. After the installation is complete, it is also necessary to see if there is a missing screw to tighten, it is best to check all the equipment once.

Second, the setting of the slope of outdoor play equipment

Like outdoor stainless steel children's slide, clouds trampoline, rainbow crawls will involve slope, for children's safety reasons, be sure to make a reasonable and correct slope range, and create a healthy and safe play environment for children. If there is a steep slope, it is necessary to install the protective net to a large extent to a large extent to a large extent.

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Third, the inspection step cannot be less

Some careful investors will not have, this error must not be made after the equipment is installed. Regular installation manufacturers will require the equipment to test the equipment after installation, which is far more than dozens of weights in children to test the firmness of the equipment installation. If there is loose, you can't open it.

How long is the outdoor play equipment installation cycle? In fact, you only need to find a regular play equipment manufacturer, don't have to worry about the manufacturers too much in the post-installation engineering. Let the device complete the installation with high quality efficacy in a short period of time.


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