How many subject forms have imported log in the original wood sports combination?

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How many subject forms have imported log in the original wood sports combination?

Many traditional children's play centers have made equipment with new replacement, and traditional slip slide projects have also been transformed into new combined slide projects. The material of the combination of slide projects is relatively wide. Common stainless steel combined slides, PE plastic slides, imported logs, today's small series is the combination slide, this device is not only playing function, but also more The function of casual exercise movement is therefore popular. However, ordinary forms of appearance have long been greeher, so Xiaobian will introduce several different theme sports slides.

This article contains the following

1. Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit Series Combination Slide

2. Great Wall series combination slide

3. Pirate ship combination slide

Combination slide + solid wood combination slide + Wood combination slide + Internal Amusement Facility-17

Rainbow cat blue rabbit series combination slide

This slide is a new product, which is R & D in our company. It is 80 to 90 childhood memories, and now the 90s have basically already have their own children, so this series is the help of parents. Strengthen the audience of the play equipment. When your parents see their children, they will feel childhood in such a combination slide. In addition, the function of the slide of the Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit Series, which contains the advantages of running, climbing, drilling holes, etc.

Great Wall series combination slide

The Great Wall Series Combination Slide is characterized by the appearance of the appearance, which is more gorgeous, with China's red as main tones, and creates a feature. Children playing logs in combination slides don't worry because of the skin's injury, and there is no need to worry because of outdoor exposure to lead to a series of slices. Imported log motion combined slides are imported hunger pear wood, this pear wood texture is clear, hard material, and has a long time.

Pirate ship combination slide

The combination of the pirate series uses the form of mutual combination with the ocean, which can produce a combination of sea stolens, yachts, beaches, and micro-shaped play equipment, which are a high integrity. The pirate ship combination slide is a very customized type of equipment, which is based on the design of the investor and the equipment purchaser designed to design the design, the quality high-end, the children like it.

Combination slide + solid wood combination slide + wooden combination slide + Internal Amusement Facilities-30

Outdoor children's play equipment has become higher and higher, regardless of how the children industry develops, the mission of joining the manufacturers as a high-end children's playground is the high-end supply of the playground equipment.

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