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How much does a children's playground need to invest? Latest cost budget

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How much does a children's playground need to invest? Latest cost budget

In recent years, there have been large and small children's playgrounds. There are 100 square meters -200 square meters of small children's parks, and there are also small and medium-sized children's playgrounds in 1000 square meters. Usually, the greater investment costs required by the site area, because the park's investment will perform equipment, decoration, rent, and operation selection decisions in accordance with the main standards. So, how much does it cost to invest in a child playground? Today's music map brings the latest cost budget!

This article contains the following

1 playground venue rent

2 playground equipment costs

3 playground decoration promotion fees

4 other fees in the playground

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First, playground venue rent

Children's playground rent must be investing in every month, especially in the first time of investment, it will be held in the cost of one pay, and at the same time, it is necessary to determine outdoor venue advertising fees, households, etc. . The location of the indoor children's playground is best to choose in kindergarten, large shopping malls. According to the location of the community, the rent of 100 square meters also requires nearly 10,000 yuan of rent for one month.

Second, playground equipment costs

Playground equipment costs is the most investment cost of amusement parks. Different configuration programs are also different. For example, some paradise is based on naughty castle, but there are also trampoline equipment, so what kind of play equipment is needed. Now there is a lot of choice in the market in the market is naughty castle, and the price of naughty castles is also welcomed by children. The prospect is very good. The cost of 100 square meters of naughty fashion park equipment needs to be about 100,000 yuan.

Third, playground decoration promotion fees

Xiaobian here will put the renovation and promotion of the site in the same plan, because in the decoration process, you can propagate preheating on the playground, it can be carried out simultaneously. Site decoration According to 300 yuan / square meter price, 100 square meters of venue decoration costs are about 40,000 yuan. Coupled with publicity, the propaganda of different efforts is definitely different, and there is no specific price indicator.

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Fourth, other fees in the playground

There is also a park, including employee recruitment, material purchase, etc., which is not particularly expensive, which is much more expensive, which may be needed during the opening period.

All in all, the cost that wants to build a small children's play park is 150,000 yuan, but also a market research in the previous project.

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