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How much does a children's playground need to invest?

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How much does a children's playground need to invest?

How much does a children's playground need to invest? This question can be said to be a century problem. When you start the popular children's playground, most intentional investors asked us this question. In fact, it is definitely necessary to explain why you can't give you a specific amount of data for you, but you can conduct a forecast of your investment amount according to your approximate needs. Because the investment costs required by a children's playground are covered with multiple projects, such as the site talks about the price, the bracket fees, the production and purchase of equipment.

Space rental cost

A children's playground has its own venue. It is the first requirement for construction, and investors must learn how to pay for the cost of rent. Some investors think about making the playground beautifully, spend more costs in other aspects, such as the renovation of the playground or the customization of the equipment, which is more casual. Such an idea is that there is no need, the selection of the site affects the departure of the park. Also, the price of the rent is not equal, and the general price of rent is 30-60 yuan / square meter, it is better.

Indoor play main map - Naughty Castle (Map) 20

2. Equipment cost

The equipment required by the children's playground is a variety of diverse, different equipment price differences, and investment in equipment costs is the center of investment in the entire playground. For example, naughty castle is most of the children like a play equipment, and a little bit of a little bit is more like to have challenging 闯 项目. Therefore, the purchase of the equipment is also a certain skill. If you are unclear, you can consult the equipment manufacturer, and the specific price can be well understood.

3. Decoration fee

The playground is mainly divided into indoor paradise and outdoor playground. If you choose outdoor, you don't need too much renovation, mainly to decorate the cashier and each project with a better-looking decorative. The renovation process of the indoor playground is very large, including lighting design, wall equipment, bathroom, equipment placement, etc. The decoration is not necessarily bustling, the general can, and the price is also relatively close.

Indoor play main map - Naughty Castle (Map) 8

4. Promotion

The publicity before the opening of the children's playground is not useless. On the contrary, it can bring new users to the paradise, causing a better operation, so this will also be a trusted children's playground. In general, the publicity cost is about 30,000 yuan, which is the publicity cost of the opening and after the opening of the opening.


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