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How much does it cost to invest in a children's playground?

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How much does it cost to invest in a children's playground?

The praise of the children's playground has been happy in the national children's play market. Therefore, many investors have regarded this market, and the good reviews in the entire industry have all risen again and again. In recent months, there are many people who need to invest in a number of people who need to invest in a children's playground. Today, I will take a child's playground how much money can be taken.

In fact, I want to know the investment fees, first to understand what kind of children's paradise you want, maybe many people will complain that I am not particularly clear about the development of the whole industry, the first investment, the manufacturer will give me one. . I believe there are many investors to invest in such a mentality! Xiaobian is here to remind you that the investment children's playground is not a small thing. You must do a survey to be positioned before investing. To figure out the development of the entire industry, this is absolutely no mistake for post-investment to find manufacturers.

Indoor play main map - Naughty Castle (Map) 12

Second, you need to determine the actual size area of ​​the venue and the required equipment. The general children's playground will be used in the form of naughty castle + trampoline slide. These equipment is almost about 700-1000 yuan / square meter in the children's playground. If you want the paradise brown, add some better Electric equipment, then prices rose a certain number of grades, probably between 5K to 1W, specifically to see your choice. No matter what good-looking practical equipment, safety quality is the first forever.

Then, pay attention to the decoration style of your playground. How much does it cost to invest in a children's playground? Because most of them are doing an indoor children's playground, because of the advantage, there will be traffic in all years. The decoration suggestion of the children's playground is to choose a topic positioning, such as Doraemon's theme, which has never reduces the color choice for the entire paradise, and also reduces unnecessary inspiration design. Moreover, such subjective renovations can directly attract a lot of children's attention. The current children's playground decoration price is around 500 yuan / square meter, you can consult after consultation.

Seesaw + rocking horse + swing + slide + swivel chair + transfer horse + children's play equipment LT-QB019

Finally, some of the fees in the opening preparation work of the children's playground. If you want to open a normal opening, you will not have advanced propaganda, the staff's recruitment, venue equipment installation, over fire security inspection, etc. How much does it cost to invest in a children's playground? Every small project can be carried out under the help of investment manufacturers, so add to the music map, we work together to create the best children's playground!


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