How much does it cost to invest in a children's playground?

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How much does it cost to invest in a children's playground?

Children's Amusement Park has become an essential companion product in the process of child growth, but in addition to some economic more developed cities in China, it is difficult to find the corresponding children's playground in other four-tier cities. . From the laws of urban and industry development, grab the opportunity to develop the development of children's playgrounds, which means to find the golden period of investment children's playground. So, how much does it cost now in investing a children's playground?

In order to facilitate investors to understand the details of the industry's investment details,200 flat children's playgroundTake the example, how much is the investment of playgrounds?

First, venue rental fee

The location of the general children's playground is below the 3rd floor of the indoor shopping mall, but out of the basement. The area of ​​the playground is not completely based on the venue area of ​​your budget. The rental fee of the venue in the four-tier city is relatively low, and you can rent it around 4,000 yuan.

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Second, equipment costs

The equipment in the children's playground is rich in colorful, in order to attract children's eye, it is recommended to choose a play equipment from different equipment types. For example, turn horse, video game equipment,TrampolineWait, 200 square meters of playground recommends that the main large equipment is matched with some smaller equipment, such as marine balls, trampoline, while also planning small trains. Combined, 150,000 equipment costs are required.

Third, children's playground decoration

The renovation of the children's playground is mainly to take into account the preferences of the children, and to locate the renovation theme of the atrial nature, and based on the decoration of various configurations, they must decorate with soft bags. First, for the venue more beautiful, second is Let the park safer. Children's playground is fine decoration or simple decoration, depending on the investor's fund budget and the market. The price of the children's playground in the market decoration 200 square meters is around 10,000 yuan.

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Fourth, employee costs

The 200-square-meter children's playground is relatively small, whether the remaining staff need to see local people's traffic, but Xiaobian recommends you to hire 2 security guides, mainly responsible for the safety of children in the venue.

How much does it cost in investment playground? 200 square meters of children's playground in the previous investment cost is about 200,000.


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