How much does it cost to invest in children's playground?

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How much does it cost to invest in children's playground?

Children's playground investment is not a simple single money fee, but the accumulation of all aspects of the entire project, for example, how much we will start with three aspects: pre-investment, medium-term investment and Post-fees, every stage of investment costs, and time experience taken, we will have a certain difference, then we will mainly talk about different cost investment costs in three stages.


In order to protect the normal opening of the children's playground, the pre-work task is less than the pre-period, which contains the choice of suitable venues. General site rental prices will bear a big investment throughout the project, and the specificity needs to see the size of the venue. If it is a small children's playground, the cost of one month is around 10,000-200; second, children The choice of the market positioning and customer goals of the paradise, although the research on these data said that the investors did not have much impact, but the impact on the entire paradise is relatively large, these data research you can invite investment manufacturers to make budgets.

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Interim investment

How much does it cost to invest in children's playground? Mid-term investment includes the decoration of the children's playground, the purchase of equipment. The decoration is generally divided into exquisite and ordinary. If it is in a first-tier city, it is considered to choose a beautiful decoration, because the competition faced in the market is relatively large, you can only expand your brand call from these aspects, if it is Three-four-tier cities, choose general; then is about the problem of equipment purchase, seizing children to buy some colors for the core and innovative play equipment. Because the cultural differences in each region are different, it is necessary to see your choice based on how type of equipment to buy.

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Later investment

The so-called post-investment is the fees after the official opening of the children's playground, which contains various publicity activities, equipment maintenance, employee salary, rent renewal, and other issues. Someone will ask, can these costs can be directly avoided? Xiaobian's individual thinks if a qualified children's playground is unable to have a very good performance, it is necessary to make the park more representative through the preparations in the later stage, so there will be more consumers. The cost of post-investment can be said to be based on the previous investment.


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