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How much does it cost to invest in the opening music scene?

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How much does it cost to invest in the opening music scene?

The market size of the children's playground is constantly growing. The hot children's playground business makes more investors' eye red want to participate in this project. But for the knowledge of the playground, it is very small, how much money in the opening of the opening, and the investors are urgent. Here, you will analyze the investment factors of the playground. Opening a playground is inseparable from the venue, equipment, decoration, etc., so investment costs will start from these aspects.

Playground rental

The playground is first there is a size of the selection of the site. Generally, if the rent in the shopping mall is a square question, if it is a small quote in the quotation in the community street and other places. Of course, the development of different economic conditions will also determine the rent of the rent, whether the rent is suitable, you can survey in the local area.

Real people catch the doll machine main map 3

PlaygroundHow much does it cost?

Playground equipment costs

The highlights in the playground have clearly determined the color of the playground, the price of the small playground equipment has a small difference, the price of traditional naughty castle is 300-500 yuan / square meter, while the electric type of amusement equipment is It is necessary to decide according to the manufacturing process and specification size of the product, so in order to view from the angle of playability, investors can collect both.

Playground decoration fee

The renovation of the playground is mainly based on ground laying, wall decoration, wall transformation, etc. The renovation style of the playground focuses on the theme, and the environmentally friendly decoration material is also a highlight of extra points. Therefore, the better the material, the higher the decoration, the higher the cost.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + Great Wall LT-HT006 (2)

How much does it cost to invest in the opening music scene?

Playground staff expenditure

In order to better demonstrate the cost of employees required by a playground, Xiaobian is as an example, with only 2 employees, and an employee salary is about 2500 yuan / month. It should be noted that when recruiting employees, mainly by the teacher of female preschool education.

Playground promotion cost

The promotion of the playground is available, this is mainly because you choose to join the music map, you will make a self-propaganda, because our brand has laid a promotional effect for your playground. At the same time, the company's headquarters will also unify the store publicity, so don't worry about promotion. However, if you choose other manufacturers, you can't guarantee that they also have such promotional strength.


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