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How much does it cost to start a children's playground?

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How much does it cost to start a children's playground?

No matter what store you open, the previous market research is necessary, we need to assess the environmental problems around the site, as well as the consumption ability of the guests, the traffic of the guest, because the selection problem is related to the later business situation. So, to conduct a comprehensive survey, then you can choose the children's paradise equipment that attract children and parents according to the results of the survey, and increase the promotion. The indoor children's play park should also budget children's playground equipment according to your investment venues, equipment, scale, location, manualization, etc.

This article contains the following:

First, regional economy
Second, venue rent
Third, equipment cost

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Regional economy

The economic development level in different regions is different, and the demand for non-standard amusement equipment is also different. For example, in large cities, 7D cinema, mirror maze, etc., etc., technology, strong equipment, can best attract children, but in townships, these equipment costs are too high, and they are very popular in the vision, and the Zhi Yong Digital. .

2. Site rent

Whether you have the size of the children's play facilities, the choice of the venue is important, it directly affects the operating conditions of the store. It is recommended to choose commercial activity intensive districts, population intensive districts, passenger flow centers, crowd gathering areas, etc. Of course, the rent is of course expensive, but the flow is guaranteed, the place to choose more people, don't have a business. First, the venue rent of the second-tier cities is definitely different from the venue rent of the town. The central location of the same area is slightly expensive than remote areas. Investors can choose the right venue according to their own actual situation. Generally, the venue rent of the third-tier cities is about 60 per square.

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3. Equipment cost

This is one of the main costs of open outdoor play equipment, and there are many types of equipment, so it is recommended that you choose the right playground equipment based on the specific market demand. In general, choose Naughty Fort, Zhi Yong Dago, manual DIY, rail racing, beach for treasure, video games. Today, the development of such stores is also diverse, but also need to plan and rationalize these functions. Only in this way can truly attract parents and children, such as drilling, rope nets, climbs, software, etc. are very popular. Love, at the same time, it is also to prepare the surrounding seating area, reasonable arrangements, and intimate service for the parents who accompany their children. It is the magic weapon to enhance people's consumption experience.

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