How much does it take to invest in children's playground in the north?

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How much does it take to invest in children's playground in the north?

How much does it cost to invest in children's playground? Although this question says that many investors will ask manufacturers or related experience in investors through different ways, but they can only ask some probably equipment prices, and they still have no investment. The cost of opening a child playground in different regions is different. For example, the cost of the investment playground in the north is more investment costs than the development of the region, but in any case, follow the pace of the music map professional market. Let's take a look at the specific investment factor.

This article contains the following:

1. Playground investment site cost

2. Playground equipment investment cost

3. Playground Investment Other Fees

I. Playground investment site cost

As the core problem of the playground, the venue determines the profitability of the paradise, must not be very tiger. Since the economic development level in the north is high, the price of rent may be more expensive. Among the second-tier cities, the rent level is about 90 to 130 yuan / square meter, and how much cost is needed, you can make a forecast for the size of the venue you want after passing the house.

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After a series of renovations, the decoration of the children's playground is also divided into different levels, and can make a renovation plan according to the overall competition and investment budget in their own heart. It is recommended that in large and medium-sized cities, the renovation of the playground must be fine, the cost of decoration may be high, but in subsequent operations, you can attract more children through such advantages. The cost of renovation is about 300 to 500 yuan / square meter, and it is necessary to follow the style of playing the playground.

Second, playground equipment investment costs

Since the outdoor playground equipment is more functional, the play equipment that different playground needs is also very different. The small soldiers still suggest that you will discuss according to the style you want and your choice of investment suppliers. The best. Now the price of the playground equipment is obvious in the market, can be found online, basically 300 to 1200 yuan per square meter. The difference between the prices is because the equipment is configured and the material use gap is obvious, and the quality of the money is higher, the quality of the play equipment is higher, indicating that the price is higher.

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Third, the playground invests in other fees

In the end, Xiaobian is still a simple introduction to some other fees in the investment process of the playground. When the site is renovated, there is a safety test of all devices, followed by the trial operation phase. In this process, it is necessary to recruit some experience or more young staff, and the cost of paying the market, and the cost of paying the market. All investment costs have been based, you can plan your investment budget costs in accordance with your own actual site size.

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