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How much does the outdoor square have no power equipment?

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How much does the outdoor square have no power equipment?

Outdoor Square as an important place for people's leisure activities, there are children, adults, old ages, and people in different ages. Our life rhythm and interest are constantly increasing, so the conditions of life facilities are also higher. For example, there will be some play leisure equipment, fitness equipment, etc., so that everyone can enjoy life in the process of leisure. This is also the case, many people want to invest in rides in outdoor squares, is it more necessary to know how much is the outdoor square without motivation equipment?

Music Amusement specializes in producing outdoor unhappy amusement equipment, just talk to you about the price of the airborne equipment! Xiaobian believes that investors who have purchased a rides have known that the manufacturers need to communicate with investors to understand the details, because the play equipment is not like an ordinary ready-class product, it is necessary to follow different sizes and Material determines the price.

This article contains the following

1. Determined price

2. Equipment material decision price

3. Equipment design decision price

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First, the device type determines the price

How much is the outdoor square without motivation? It is well known that there are very many types of amusement equipment, climbing, slipbooks, and steel ladder types, and a lot of equipment suitable for squares. Therefore, we need to first clarify what the product type they want, if there is no plan, you can find a manufacturer in advance.

Second, the equipment decision price

The material of the outdoor square without motivation play equipment can be selected according to the topic and construction requirements of the square. For example, the chair can choose the wood strip material, childrenCombination slideEngineering plastics can be selected or stainless steel. How much is the outdoor square without power equipment? Second, imported materials will be higher than ordinary material prices, and the material of the environmental protection is higher than ordinary material prices.

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Third, equipment design decision price

The attraction effect of style novel model-looking play equipment will be better, which is unquestionable. So, in the outdoor square, this person's traffic is concentrated, we need to consider the overall visual effect, if it is just that normal products do not need more design results, then the overall price expenses will be more cheap. Product prices that need to be designed to design will be higher.

How much is the outdoor square without power equipment? When investors buy outdoor plaza play equipment, they must have contrast, and they have better than three choices of better amusement equipment, and every manufacturer has their own quotation, but the overall price is not too big. Everyone can make a reference.


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