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How much investment is to open a playground?

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How much investment is to open a playground?

According to big data, the current child play market accounts for the proportion of investment in all industries and the proportion of profitability, because children are very demanding for education, amusement, intelligence, not only in infant products, more It is the need for children's play equipment.

Xiaobian will give a simple example in a large shopping mall, which will have a layer of space to create a child's play space, including maternal and child shop, early education center, children's play park, etc. The present playground has become a must-only place in the mall, but also around the community, school, and communities. So, how much investment does you need to open a playground?

Combination slide + play equipment + small doctoral + slide + log plane + stainless steel combination slide LT-HT026 (1)

Specifically, the investment cost of the playground cannot be given to your cost value directly. If we can charge the investment fee of the venue, it is a complete non-integrity management. Because a playground construction requires the support of the construction project, for example, you need a venue before building a playground, so the cost of the site is one of the factors in the construction of the playground, and there are also equipment purchases, joining brand fees, etc. The rent of the playground is also classified. If you want to build in the room, then the suggestion is in large shopping malls, because the independent floor space is more trustworthy for parents; if you want Building outdoor, then Xiaobian recommends you can do an independent square operation.

Secondly, there are dozens of items such as the playground, and dozens of items covered in a playground, which is to see the funds of investors and space selection. Usually playing equipment is sold in accordance with a combination, for example, the pirate ship has different prices according to different specifications, and the price range is tens of thousands of yuan. For example, small amusement equipment, such as naughty castle, the cost of spending is calculated by square meters, and the price range is 300-800 yuan / square meter.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + log plane + stainless steel combination slide LT-HT030 (1)

The playground then communicates with us based on the effects you want, and it will highlight the theme of the playground through the best showcase. However, the decoration is also conducted in accordance with certain requirements. For example, you are a playground built in the mall. So, it is best to choose all the renovations before the mall opening, otherwise the troubleship is more, including the property. Communication and difficulty of construction.

Finally, how much investment is it necessary to open a playground? Through the analysis of the above cost factors, you should also have a certain understanding of the reason why you will conduct a system's venue for the system of the system than the direct offer!


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