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How much is 300 square meters children's paradise investment?

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How much is 300 square meters children's paradise investment?

The 300-square-meter children's park is more small in the entire child industry, so it is still very easy to find 300 square meters of size, unlike the venue of the top square meters. In addition, many investors are entangled in the choice of children's paradise construction site, some people say that they have been well, and some people say that they are good, and what places are more suitable for market development decisions. Today, Xiaobian is a simple analysis of investment costs in 300 square meters of children's paradise!

The investment in 300 square meters of children's paradise needs to be composed of franchise, rent, decoration, equipment, wages such as salary.

First, join the fee

Among them, many newer investors can't understand, in fact, the franchise cost is the collective fee of the brand, if a manufacturer does not have a special instruction, do not distinguish. The franchise fee is different for different brands, which is to see how you choose.

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Second, the venue construction rent cost

In general, if you need to go to the market without your right venue, you need to pay attention to the local actual development in the process of renting the site, and some local people are more traffic, and there are some places. Lonely but rent is cheap, all of the above problems will be you will encounter in the selection site. Anyway, I believe that the proposal of the franchisee will not be wrong, 300 square meters of venue rent is 1.5W / month, which is usually one.

Third, the venue construction decoration cost

300 square meters of children's park decoration is exquisite and perfect, because the consumer group involved is very sensitive to anything, the decoration must choose safe and healthy, after all, the child's security problem is the topic that is working together in society. Xiaobian suggestion, in order to take less detours, you can choose the brand you joined for you, as a professional children's paradise to join manufacturers, theme settings and decoration styles are more clear.

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Fourth, equipment purchase

There are a lot of players and specifications covered in the Children's Paradise, but as operators and investors pay attention to it: that is, the high-quality brand must be better than low quality brand equipment. 300 square meters of children's paradise can be used according to the size of the venue, and the equipment purchase cannot be too tight, and the small series suggests that the equipment purchased is about 15W to 20W.

Five, post-run operations

How much is 300 square meters children's paradise investment? Regarding the post-operated matter also needs to wait for the entire venue to open, but it is undeniable that the post-operating cost will not be too low.


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