How much is investment in children's play equipment?

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How much is investment in children's play equipment?

Recently, music maps have been discovered when they communicate with investors, and now they are now in the continuous improvement of people's living standards, plus the prevalence of domestic secondary policies. In holidays, people generally choose to go out to travel in the form of this beautiful summer vacation holiday. Under the influence of the industry's epidemic, the play equipment project has achieved many of the choices of many investors. Future children's play market. It is still in a better taro.
At the same time, we have also received a number of questions asked by investors in investment children's play equipment. How much funds need to invest in rides? How to choose a relatively suitable amusement device?
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The funds of children's play equipment are affected by the size of the site.

Small and medium-sized children's play equipment investment price

Inlet Outdoor Amusement Equipment Price Budget

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The funds of children's equipment are affected by the size of the site.
Children's play equipment is actually directly related to the size of the site. The meaning of the saying is, the more the venue is, the more the equipment you need, the smaller the venue, the less the equipment required. Especially for some large outdoor playgrounds, in the middle, if there is not enough equipment to support, the whole paradise is developed, then profitable income is reduced. Among the limited spaces, it is true that placing more suitable amusement equipment is true.
Small and medium-sized play equipment investment price
Common sports play equipment slides, bumpers, self-controlled aircraft, etc. And these devices are not particularly high for the requirements of the site. Generally speaking, the price of these play equipment can be taken from more than 100,000 yuan, and it will be in the coming profit from the amusement industry. You can complete the job in just three months.
I believe that the investor will do certain homework, different play projects before the real entry of this industry, and the investment budget required is particularly large.
Inlet Outdoor Amusement Equipment Price Budget

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PowerlessOutdoor play equipmentThere are also many types, such as the inflatable naughty castle that is now applicable to the economic development. The cost of investment costs in this type of project is very low, and it is probably a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan to take the entire set, and it is convenient to shrink and it is convenient to invest in management. At the same time, whether it is its specifications, size, and administrative customization, it can be selected according to the planning of the site.
All in all, equipment investment in children's play industries is not a fixed number. From a few thousand yuan, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, etc. are all existing. These are all choice of investors based on their budgets and venues. If you also have any intentions and questions about playing equipment, we can answer you 24 hours, free of your project design.

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