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How much is it to invest in a child park?

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How much is it to invest in a child park?

Children's Paradise Investment Projects have continued to rise in China, and there are more and more investment entrepreneurs in the Children's Playing industry. There are also no more money budgets and unreportable newcomers. Although the children's play industry is compared For other entity economies, its investment fund threshold is low, but it will also produce a small risk. And reflect the specific risk capital threshold required in the end what's on, let's play music chart for everyone to answer it.

This article contains the following

1. pre-invest venues

2. venues operating costs

3. Routine maintenance expenses

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First, the initial investment venues

A children's playground is divided into outdoor and indoor. But it is undeniable that the initial investment of different venues, including all aspects of venue rental, decoration, equipment purchases and so on. First of all, we need to think of venue rental park for children affected by the surrounding economic environment, the development of a better venue rental second-tier cities in about one or two hundred per square meter. Secondly, the degree of interior space is mainly used for streamlining the size and decor of the decision, while the outdoor decorating the body is mainly based on large-scale advertising design. Finally, the cost price of play equipment and not because different materials, size and playability functional aspects of the impact of price changes in the size of ups and downs relatively large, need to be decided according to the process of locating and children's playground provided by the manufacturer.

Second, the venue of operating costs

The children's play industry itself is a service type industry. It requires daily drainage. If the drainage effect is good, the brand image will be greatly improved. During this period, the investment of promotion promotion can not be promoted in the actual operation, and the two promotion forms of online and offline can be carried out, mainly with the difference between the propaganda and the main direction. Second, the configuration of the person is also a part that cannot be ignored in operation costs. In fact, each person's salary is more common in 2,800 yuan to 3,500 yuan / month.

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Third, daily maintenance expenditure fee

If you want the Children's Paradise to maintain a certain competitiveness for a long time, it is necessary to enhance the customer experience. This involves normal maintenance of the venue. Specifically, it involves the safety of the equipment, the cleaning and hygiene situation of the site, and so on. The sanitary disinfection of the site requires a certain fee, the former is based on tools and manpower, the latter is based on the business handling expenses.

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