How much is the child climbing equipment?

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How much is the child climbing equipment?

With the variety of equipment in the market amusement industry, the transformation of children's equipment forms has become a huge supply of the market. in the spotlightChild climbing projectBecome a multi-investor choice, but how much is the child climbing equipment? According to the manufacturer's analysis, children's climbing equipment can be classified as three, respectively: simulation, competitive, entertainment, different playing methods have different materials and design, so there is also a difference in equipment prices. Therefore, the cost required for the different types of children's climbing equipment provides a rough cost budget.

Simulation equipment cost

The simulated children's climbing equipment is mainly turned on based on the true natural mountain shape, and the simulation is relatively high, with a high simulation material such as the eaves, the wall. It should be noted that the simulated child climbing equipment is relatively large for the venue, and if there is no bigger venue, it is not possible to install it. Because there is a need for a certain roof, stone wall and other true effects, it will use a certain concrete material, and the cost of concrete material is relatively low, and the cost can be highly controlled. But considering the safety of children, it is not recommended to use too much, it is recommended to use safety materials that meet the child.

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Competitive equipment cost

The competitive children's climbing equipment has certain difficulties, from materials to design, in accordance with professional competitive projects. This includes some rope networks, the synthetic materials, synthetic materials, which are better choices for investment, cost high but their durable, high security value, the cost of the rope network is low, but durability is not Strong, for the final cost, it is recommended to use synthetic materials.

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Entertainment equipment cost

The value of the entertainment-type climbing equipment is to bring satisfaction with the children, and the products have color, design, and safe advantages. Because the climbing items of entertainment have no simulation and competitive types in the value of the value, it is recommended to find a deserial manufacturer to customize, usuallyChild climbing equipmentThe price is 500 yuan -800 yuan / square meter.

There is also a big difference in the material required for different types of children's climbing equipment. There is also a difference in the cost of different materials, so it is said that the price of a device cannot be fixed using specific numbers. In order to learn more about the price of different types of children's climbing equipment, you can consult the current market persuasive play equipment manufacturer.


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