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How much is the children's play equipment?

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How much is the children's play equipment?

There are many investment friends in consultation on the prices of children's play equipment, how much is the children's play equipment? Want to build a naughty castle, but I don't know how much money can be built, how is the profit? Based on these issues, Xiaobian made a detail analysis, read this article, I believe that you will have a certain answer.

The price of a whole children's naughty castle is not simple to calculate in a square, but the core budget of the specific configuration and play equipment. It should be noted herein that Xiaobian is not able to carry out the amount of the venue directly with a specific amount. Children's Naughty Fort Design is based on the needs of each customer and local consumption habits, each program receives the blood of naughty castle designers, and strives to design a relatively perfect children's play for our users. . So our design is very innovative, each is customized in accordance with customer requirements.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + log plane + stainless steel combination slide LT-HT031 (1)

For the price of children's naughty castle, in fact, everyone can query online, basically prices are around 500 to 1500 yuan, why do the same equipment has such a big difference? First, it is because it is the same in the shape of the device and the appearance, but in terms of material, high-quality naughty castle equipment must be more expensive. Secondly, when purchasing naughty castle equipment, it is necessary to look for the brand, look for a good manufacturer, and a qualified manufacturer produces the price of equipment.

The amount of money investing in a children's paradise is mainly the changes in the equipment, in general, combining the situation where you need it, you can choose more appropriate. There may be many customers who have just begun to contact this industry, so it is not particularly known algorithms for the price of naughty castles. In fact, we can compare the naughty treasure park as a house, and each room size is different, then the overall cost will be gap. The decoration settings in each room are different, and the price is certainly different, which also includes renovation and furniture.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + log plane + stainless steel combination slide LT-HT031 (2)

So the naughty castle is also the case, the quality of the equipment project in the naughty castle is better, the more prices are higher. How much is the children's play equipment? Xiaobian made a pre-judgment on the common prices on the market, and in order to facilitate everyone's understanding, it has also been converted, hoping to help you!


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