How much is the children's playground equipment?

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How much is the children's playground equipment?

Children's playground is a place where children will go to consumption in leisure. The most expectant investors will be a pleasure of playing equipment to bring enough benefits to the venues, and the prices purchased by the play equipment have become special attention. one thing. Many customers will ask directly when they consult or leave a message: How much is the children's playground equipment? When you asked the manufacturers in different regions, they found that each manufacturer's quotation is different, and it will believe that the price of high quotation is not cost-effective.

And actually there is no fact that the facts of the facts are incorrect, because the price of the child play equipment is very extensive, and the music map amusement park is analyzed for the following factors that affect the price of children's paradise equipment. What are the differences?

This article contains the following:

Different materials

2. Internal configuration difference

3. Product design difference

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First, the material is different

Among the children's paradise includes wooden, stainless steel, soft bag, plastic material, and different materials. It is a great difference. In general, the material of environmentally friendly is much more expensive than ordinary materials, and imported raw materials is higher than domestic production materials. Investors also try to choose environmentally friendly and high-end products when choosing equipment, giving children a health and safety play environment.

Second, internal configuration differences

The same child equipment is different because of the different prices of functionality. A large-scale amusement equipment is a comprehensive and very strong amusement, and the equipment in a naughty castle is not as a large outdoor playground, slide, ocean ball, swing slide, rock climbing, starfish, etc. These are all selected by themselves. Thus, the more wide equipment of the device, the higher the quote, and the prices of rides in the middle and low-end, and the luxury version are very obvious.

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Third, product design difference

EveryAmusement equipment manufacturerHave their own design style, our company pays more attention to production technology, and the product will be accurately divided into production design, the purpose is to strengthen the safety performance of the product, the safety design is not only followed by the market's trend and established science. Play platform. The higher the process, the more fine product quotes.

In combination, if the investor is just that a large-scale children's play equipment is unreasonable, it must be understood that the material, production process, etc. of the equipment is clear.

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