How much is the cost of investment in the outdoor children's playground?

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How much is the cost of investment in the outdoor children's playground?

With the development of modern economy, children's outdoor amusement industry is getting higher and higher, and parents want their children to have a safe and comfortable place to strengthen their physical exercise, due to the vision of outdoor playgrounds More comfortable, there are therefore a lot of parents like outdoor children's playgrounds.

Many investors are now focusing on the development of the outdoor children's play market, and have also seen the vast market development opportunities, but there is no relevant investors to choose the form of brand joining to help their investment playgrounds easier. So, how much does the investment cost of the outdoor children's playground do you need? The following music maps are analyzed for you!

This article contains the following

Brand franchise fee

Amusement venue rent

Amusement equipment purchase cost

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First, brand joining fees

The charging standard of brand joining is not unified, and it is decided due to the value of the brand. There are some brands to join us to pay a certain franchise fee, which is less than 10,000, but there are some brands to join the fee. This is mainly to see the decisions decided by different manufacturers, so investors should also understand the basic joining offers and support of each mass brand in advance.

Second, playground rental

The most important place for venue is to consider the geographical environment of the park. There is a good location, and there are many economic development levels. Different regional economic development is different. The price of urban rent in developing economies is naturally low, even if it is Among the same cities, the price difference between the city center and the surrounding surroundings will be more obvious, so we must budget the site according to your own cost.

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Third, play equipment purchase cost

The equipment in the outdoor children's playground can be much less, which is actually the size of an outdoor playground. Large outdoor playground equipment will be more, the cost cost is natural, and the small playground equipment will reduce the cost. The equipment quotation on the market is divided into two kinds. One is a quote in accordance with the suite, such as a small train, interactive projecting project; a scale of equipment according to the equipment.

The above Xiaobian only introduces some of the cost fees of the outdoor playground investment to join, more detailed cost demand can directly consult the music maps official website, we have questions for you 24 hours.

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