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How much is the incomplete play equipment?

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How much is the incomplete play equipment?

The surge in the opening of the children's playground has attracted more investors' attention and has prepared to invest in this large industry. However, there are many factors that want to open a children's play park. It is not just that it is enough to have funds. From the initial market research to subsequent opening revenues, there are many work needs to be done. According to many investors feedback, when choosing amusement equipment, they are more confused, because the relationship between price and quality is difficult to ensure that this is directly linked to their own cost.

So, how much is it in general? How to understand the specific price?

This article contains the following

1. Understand the quotation form of equipment manufacturers

2. Prices factors affecting equipment

3. Actual quotation difference

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First, understand the form of quotation of equipment manufacturers

There is no other way for children's non-powerful play equipment, one is quote according to the area size of the actual equipment, one is quoted in a single product or a complete set of equipment. According to the actual area quotation, because the equipment is a holistic structure, it cannot be sold separately. How much is the incomplete play equipment? For example, the offer of Naughty Fort equipment is 400-800 yuan / square meter; the quote of the combination slide is around 3-100,000 yuan. But actually needs to see the size and practical function of the equipment, this price is only a reference.

Second, the price factor affecting equipment

Because there are many kinds of manufacturing factors of no powerful amusement equipment, such as engineering plastics, stainless steel slides, pear flowers, soft bag materials, these equipment materials are different, the work technology is different, and the final sales price gap is very large.How much is an ignorant amusement device?? In fact, I want to know that the price is simple, indicating that your needs are as: specifications, shape, shape, shape, and manufacturers will give you a probably price.

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Third, the actual quotation difference

The offer you see online may have a big gap between the quotation of your actual consulting manufacturers, because the equipment quotes not only have material factors, but also the factors of market regulation. For example, the price of naughty castle said above is 400-800 yuan / square meter, but it is also divided into ordinary, high-end, luxurious according to different levels. Therefore, it is affected by different needs, the price is different.

So, how much is the non-powered amusement equipment, and investors who want to do a powered children's paradise need to be rigorous to consider their own return funds, understand the use of equipment, and more than three, guarantee the product when purchasing products. quality. If necessary, you can also go to the manufacturer to conduct a field visit.


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