How much is the kindergarten combination slide?

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How much is the kindergarten combination slide?

Slides furnished in kindergartens can not only increase the strong child atmosphere of kindergarten, but also different kindergarten functional slides can enhance their physical quality and cultivate children's capabilities. The combination slide has become one of the essential amusement projects in kindergarten. Basically, there will be one to two fixed combined slides in every kindergarten. So, how much is the kindergarten combination slide? The price of the combination slide itself is constantly changing, mainly surfaces under the following aspects:

This article contains the following

1. Slide scale influence price

2. Slide material impact price

3. Factory process impact price

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I. Slide size affects price

The general scale of the combination slide is around 8 meters, but the slide slide in a small kindergarten is 5 meters. In fact, the size of the size is the functionality of the slide itself, the greater the scale, indicating that the space you can play is actually more, and the children can feel a variety of gameplay in a project. At the same time, the larger material consumables needed, the larger the material consumables, and the price will definitely have a big impact. The price of a set of kindergartens combined slides is first and scale.

Second, the material affects the material

Most of the kindergarten combination slides are the engineering plastics combination slides. This material is relatively bright, and outdoor non-slip function is better, and there is a good protection for children to a certain extent. In addition to engineering plastic materials, in fact, there are common materials for the combination of slides, but the budget and children of the kindergarten and the safety considerations, most kindergartens will sit project plastic slides. The price is relatively affordable, and it is better to shape.

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Third, the factories of manufacturers affect prices

A set of functions that have the same combination slides in different manufacturers have a large difference, price difference, performance difference, differences in process levels, and so on. High-end professional combined slide manufacturers will show relevant production proof, including the size of the material, each material price of the product, the price of the price, etc. Some small workshop three manufacturers are difficult to give the purchaser's real technical guarantee, so in order to win customers' trusts usually attract customers in low-cost forms.

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