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How much is the opening of the opening music?

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How much is the opening of the opening music?

Building a child playground in the interior of the mall is a great advantage, you can have a lot of interest in the level of passenger traffic and consumer, followed by the related industrial chain in the mall and rich, Develop a number of different fields in the same area, but in turn enhance the business opportunities of the children's playground. For investors who want to open a children's playground in the indoor place, they care more about their own interests, such as how much such problems will be made. So, today, according to the size of 200 square meters, how much is it to invest in the playground?

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First of all, what we need to understand is about opening a familyPlaygroundThe general classification of the cost to invest, like a probably influence in the pre-funding and post-financial funds. The pre-funding and post-financial funds are mainly based on the opening as a core. The cost spent before the opening is the pre-funding. The funds spended by the same reason are the later funds. No matter what time the investment costs are needed, they need to be prepared in advance to prevent future needs.

Pre-investment cost

In the previous investment project included the rental cost of the site, the equipment purchase cost, the site decoration, and the cost of publicity costs were generally.

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Site rent is a long-standing issue. It has always emphasized the probably budget and venue for the rent. In general, a small site is more likely to choose, if it is in the mall, it is best not to exceed 60 Yuan / flat / month.Amusement equipment purchaseAccording to the size of the site, the cost equipment will not exceed 100,000 yuan unless there is a need to have multiple devices to order renovation, but Xiaobian recommends a small children's playground equipment budget is not more than 60,000 yuan is better. . The decoration of the venue needs to be divided into ordinary decoration and fine decoration, and the price difference between the two is reflected in the selected material and decoration process.

Post-in-term investment cost

All consumption after the opening of the open period is calculated according to the later investment fee, including daily economic expenses, such as water and electrical, water and electrical, and equipment, maintenance, employee salary. Distribution, etc. The specific overhead amount should also be the main line in the previous investment direction, so that the effective operation of the venue can be ensured.


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