How much is the outdoor amusement facility?

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How much is the outdoor amusement facility?

When the indoor children's paradise has developed to a saturation period, such as outdoor large non-standard amusement equipment has new trends, the stability of the market, the demand, leading to many manufacturers, so investing in an outdoor ride, how much ? Next, I will slowly talk to everyone.

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I. There are many people in the current society to operate several play projects independently in some tourist scenic spots, so that the number of tourists in the scenic spot increases, so investors want to add several large-scale amusement facilities, but large-scale amusement facilities on the market. The price is relatively high, so many investors hold the attitude of watching, hesitate to decide, want to put large rides into the market to the bottom value?

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Third, investors can compare the product while choosing products, choosing a large-scale large-scale amusement facility that is suitable for major scenic spots, giving consumers a new experience, a different direction, a tight atmosphere. So, investors will use these large-scale amusement facilities to the right playground, don't have to worry about the procurement price, just choose the product, operate with heart, and invest in all the problems.

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