How much is the outdoor play equipment? What is the price of investment equipment?

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How much is the outdoor play equipment? What is the price of investment equipment?

Many investment friends are advised to consult with us, and Xiaobian is here to say is that the price of the equipment is not fixed, but some finished equipment can budget the price. The reason why the equipment does not have a fixed price, because the equipment is based on the venue, according to the size of the site, the area size of the site and how much the equipment are in a certain proportional relationship. Equivalent price of outdoor play equipment, a place for different area sizes is affirmative. Specifically, how much is it to analyze how much is the outdoor play equipment?

Inflatable outdoor naughty castle

Inflatable Outdoor Naughty Fort is a relatively common equipment in an outdoor, widely used in major squares and wide parks because it belongs to an inflatable device, so the packaging is relatively simple, and the cost is relatively low. Most small investors' hands. Inflatable outdoor naughty castle area, shape can be customized, and a complete set of prices is not expensive. The general inflatable naughty castle price is 300-500 yuan / square meter, a bigger inflatable naughty castle is 30 square meters, and the equipment budget is not exceeding 1.5W.

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Outdoor Rotary Amusement Equipment

Outdoor rotation type equipment is equally wide, Xiaobian is simplyLuxury Rotating TrojanTake an example. In addition to the rotating Trojans in the large playground, the rotating Trojan used in the center of the square is relatively small, and the person who can bear will not exceed 10 people, each time between 15 yuan -20 yuan. The purchase of such equipment is usually sold in a single set. Specific prices need to be based on the process of the product, please consult the reliable play equipment manufacturers first.

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Outdoor small electric play equipment

In fact, for outdoor play equipment, video game devices have both its benefits and disadvantages. The video game devices need to be used, but it is often difficult to achieve in outdoor, but this is a very recruitful play equipment. Therefore, now the market is more popular outdoor amusement equipment is a charged video game device. For example, the horse that can run everywhere, these are charged equipment, which is relatively convenient. Such equipment prices are produced according to the number of devices, so the price is almost 700-3000 yuan / Taiwan.

How much is the outdoor play equipment? What is the price of investment equipment? Xiaobian synthesize several more common outdoor amusement equipment prices, more details.


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