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How much is the outdoor play equipment?

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How much is the outdoor play equipment?

The price of outdoor play equipment is the most concerned issue of investors. Outdoor children's play facilities are a very good investment project, from the county, there are many people in the city to invest in children's paradise, and children's play facilities have many advantages, low maintenance costs, saving human cost. This is a good investment.

This article contains the following:

First, according to the place square price

Second, according to equipment requirements

Third, price difference

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1, according to the place square price

Manufacturers will send relevant personnel to the site for measurement, understand the needs and intentions of investors, and then designed, cost account, comprehensive evaluation, and give a general price. Specific prices often wait until the rendering confirmation will be determined.

2, according to the equipment requirements price

Many customers want to make their own venues, which can attract children's interest, and the requirements of the equipment will be very high, and they will require playability, ornamentalism, etc., so manufacturers will choose the corresponding equipment according to your needs. And according to the apparatus + frame + toy + decorated program, the volatility of this offer will not be too large, and the increase in the increase or decrease in the demand will have a big impact on the price and program.

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3, price difference

There are also many investors to respond to the same equipment. In fact, this gap is mainly because different materials will have different effects on the site. In addition, the performance of the equipment will affect the price, how much performance, and price There will be a gap between. And artificial cost is the main factor affecting prices.

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