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How much is the outdoor play equipment?

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How much is the outdoor play equipment?

When the holidays, the days of the children are most expected, and it means that the holiday means no need to go to school, you can play, spend a wonderful holiday time. Whether it is another park or another famous classic area, outdoor play equipment has become the first place for children yearning. Therefore, how much is it for you to introduce? Which equipment is welcome to work?

Outdoor amusement equipment is varied, and each device covers their own unique gameplay. Especially under the high development of amusement needs, more technological elements are developed by large manufacturers, which are huge for children's attraction.

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How much is the outdoor play equipment?

Outdoor Rotary Amusement Equipment

Common rotation type equipment projects include rotating Trojans, entertainers, rotating trains, etc., in order to ensure that children's security has a soft threshold, there is a colored ceiling in the upper part, and it is better to look better in the ceiling. There are multicolored glass decorative panels, more likely these rotation types of equipment is full of gas temperament, just like a gorgeous runner hall.

Outdoor orbit amusement equipment

Amusement equipment for track types is mainly combined with tracks and cabins. The most common thing is to run the horse small train, shuttle in the entire amusement park, visit different sights. The simple version is relatively simple, and children can feel stimulation with different dent.

Outdoor lift play equipment

The lifting type device allows the children to experience the fall between rising and landing, and can feel the dynamic feeling of the plane up and down. This type of device is more common is the self-controlled aircraft, which can keep the rotation of the wing in the lifting process, so that the children are full of fun. With a dynamic music festival, you can easily focus on the curiosity of the children.

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Outdoor play equipmenthow many?

Outdoor small amusement equipment

Small play equipment is simpler, and more suitable for personal care types, rotating bear out, optional lifts, front and rear rocking chairs, etc. The population for this type of equipment is smaller, and is between 1,100 and 3 years old. The child is very simple. These devices are common in the entrance of major supermarkets and in the community.

Outdoor electric play equipment

Electric Amusement Toys is one of the most popular equipment projects, such as the bumper cars are very classic. In large commercial plazas or in the park, there will be the business venue of the bumper bus, and it will feel the dynamic atmosphere in the specified range.


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