How much is the outdoor playground equipment, is it good?

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How much is the outdoor playground equipment, is it good?

There are now many outdoor venues, such as scenic spots, parks, playgrounds, and more. At the same time, the market's entertainment consumption market is increasing, especially the development of the Children's Paradise, is a good time to see investment. Today, Xiaobian said in accordance with the equipment of the playground, this is also a problem that most investors will care about.

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1. Choose the difference between joining and purchasing

2.Outdoor playground equipment price

3. Outdoor equipment transportation and installation fees

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Choose the difference between joining and buying

Because there are now many brand manufacturers have the strength of the franchise next door, such as Wenzhou Map, if you choose a lottery brand to join, then the price of the product will be much cheaper, and it is directly to install after-sales service direct integration. Finish. However, if you buy it yourself, the price will be more expensive than the way.

Outdoor playground equipment price

Be sure to do before the purchase device is to determine the venue, and do a good job in market research, follow the plan of the outdoor playground according to the effects you want. Among the programs, the more the equipment given, the more complete function, then the price is relatively higher. Therefore, this is an important factor affecting the price of an indispensable factor. The current outdoor play equipment is usually divided into two different forms of quote, and decibel is based on a square ratio, of course, is the most important thing to see the quality of the product. High-quality outdoor play equipment is definitely more popular.

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Outdoor equipment transportation and installation fees

Since outdoor equipment is customized and is a large amusement device, for security reasons, manufacturers will generally contact our intentional logistics company to send special personnel to carry out the project's transportation tracking, to place products in transportation, there is a safety hazard accident. At the same time, after product safety reaches the site, there will be a professional installation worker to install the product and conduct a strict after-sales service project. These fees are included in the equipment cost, but different costs are clearly obvious.

The price of outdoor playground equipment is also the impact of several large factors. As long as you choose a good play equipment, it is not afraid of nothing, because everyone wants to play the new ride amusement facilities!

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