How much is the price of a large-scale outdoor slide?

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How much is the price of a large-scale outdoor slide?

All kinds of MTH and high-end communities are equipped with a lot of play equipment projects, and the park will also purchase children's slides to provide children to play, but now outdoor slide brands are also more. Let a lot of buyers feel doubts and don't know how to choose them, and I don't know how much is the price of an outdoor play equipment? So today, Xiaobian mainly introduces the children's combination slide and its price.

First, we should learn about children's combination slides:

Children's combination slides are a play equipment integrating fitness, entertainment, and sports. It can be customized according to the requirements of the site and the customer, and different colors, shapes, specifications, materials, different use, etc. This is a new type, a very comprehensive children's play equipment. At the same time, it is also for the child's natural design in the child, covering the children's favorite drill, climbing, running, walking, slipping, etc., bright color, strong entertainment, complete function, safety quality reliable.

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In addition, in the community, all of the slides are connected with fasteners, and there is no sharp objects in the surface, and the models and colors that protrude each component can be selected. All in all, the entire outdoor combination slide can be customized, including the use of ground pads. Color, shape changes, color matching.

Multifunctionality of cells outdoor combination slides

Outdoor combination slides are not only suitable for cells, but also the planning of the site can also be performed differently depending on performance. Installation design so that children can experience various functions in different activities when they participate in different activities. At the same time, it is targeted to different difficult players and venues. The convenience is set, so as not to be a certain amount of injury.

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Factors affecting the price of the cell combination slide

This has always been unfair to outdoor combination slide equipment. Perhaps the supplier you find can provide spot, and the price is also a price. The impact of the price is determined. In summary, combined slide play equipment is actually a very popular non-standard, and a play equipment is customized. The price is not unique.

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