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How much is the price of non-standard raw play equipment - Music Amusement

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How much is the price of non-standard raw play equipment - Music Amusement

For the operator of the amusement park, a value-made non-standard tailor player determines the operational income of the amusement park. However, with the derivation of fresh things, ordinary amusement equipment can not meet the practical needs of consumers. Now the market gradually popular non-standard custom play equipment attracted a lot of tourists, but also set up a lot of new Jin Nets. Red attractions. How much is the price of the non-standard custom playing equipment?

ActuallyNon-standard travel equipmentThere are many different types of products, such as the slide can be customized to customize slides, swing, rock climbing walls, etc. can be customized. So what are the prices of custom-made amusement equipment?

This article contains the following

1. The cost of the product itself

2. Manufacturer factors

3. Material selection

4. Design requirements

First, the cost of the product itself

Different products It said that the cost value of the included is also different, such as custom combined slides and climbing walls are very different, and the overall modeling space and product custom materials are also different. Therefore, every product itself has its own cost. If you want to clarify how much the price of non-standard custom rides, you must first understand what kind of product.

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Second, manufacturers factors

Each manufacturer has a fixed quotation mode, and the strength level of different manufacturers and the material gap is also relatively large. Therefore, this will also affect the price of the play equipment, but this factor can avoid high cost, and investors can choose several manufacturers to make a contrast.

Third, material selection

How much is the price of non-standard roller play equipment? Small composite slide as an example, plastic material and stainless steel quality can be customized, but the use price of these two materials is very different. The price of plastic materials is a few hundred yuan, while stainless steel prices are much more expensive than plastic materials. In terms of the overall combination slide, the plastic slide is priced at 500-900 yuan / square meter, and the stainless steel slide is quoted at 800-1200 yuan / square meter.

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Fourth, design requirements

Customized products will involve professional designers for project design, a professional product designer will be stronger than the perceived ability of the play equipment, and it is more obvious for users' needs. And an ordinary unrequited designer is inevitable to have some touch walls in design, and it is not good for the overall effect. Good manufacturers will have a professional design level. The music map has 10 years of experience in mature design experience, knowing the needs of customers and consumers.

How much is the price of non-standard roller play equipment? Customized products want clear prices. In fact, it is not difficult. Investors only need to plan their needs, and there will be specific quotations after communicating with the manufacturers.


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