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How much is the price of outdoor children?

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How much is the price of outdoor children?

The genius slides in the market can be divided into: small toy slides and large outdoor combination type slides according to the size of the size. At the same time, according to the material division, it can also be divided into plastic slides, stainless steel slides, wooden slides, and the like. Depending on the subject type of style, it can also be defined as the pirate ship theme slide, forest castle slide, children's naughty funeral combination slide.

Because each slide is different on the size and the material used, there is a big difference in the price of children's slides. There are hundreds of indoor children's slides, and tens of thousands of outdoor combination large slides. Many people have such an error idea that the more expensive of children's slides, the better quality, the more popular it is, the more popular themselves. But in fact, it is not the case. You can easily discover in accordance with some common success cases. In the Children's Paradise, children's slides are relatively small, but the play slides in the outdoor large amusement park are functional Sex is more complete. Therefore, it is actually the best that the slide that is suitable for the development of the park is best.

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Usually, the population applicable to small slides is children aged for two to four years. At this stage, children are in the development stage of growth, and there is a characteristic of hand feet, not quiet, etc., small slides are more suitable for such ages. part. But for children under ten years old, China's large slide is more challenging, and children can try their own resources based on their own characteristics, they can directly meet their interests and requirements.

Different materials are actually a certain limit in the venue, such as a plastic slide, in fact, more suitable for kindergarten or indoor children's paradise. Wooden slides and stainless steel slides are often used in large integrated shopping malls and community schools. The stainless steel slide is fiber-enhanced composite plastic, and the material used is also imported engineering plastics. Relatively, the price of the FRP slide is more suitable, compared.

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Safety is the most important than the price size, size, and material of the children's paradise slide. The quality of the slide is the safety and health of the children in the play process. The music map also reminds everyone that when buying amusement equipment, it is not possible to look at the price, but also the high-end outdoor play provider to conduct field project visits.

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