How much is the rainbow slide investment, depending on the size and grade

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        There are a lot of people doing the rainbow slide project now, because the current market is very popular, and it is even more popular in the short video. Merchants also saw the business opportunities, so I really want to invest in the rainbow slide. Because this kind of amusement project always has a market, especially this fast-paced life, it can become a channel for users to vent. More importantly, the rainbow itself has many meanings, and it can attract more and more young users.

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How much is the rainbow slide investment, depending on the size and grade

        For merchants,Rainbow slideHow much money to invest is reasonable. Because when it comes to projects, the specific investment costs become the focus of their attention. This is actually related to the size and grade of the investment. If the rainbow slide is built in a park, the conventional scale costs about 150,000. Overall, it is not very high, and there is still a late maintenance. service.

        If it is a more comprehensive outdoor playground, the investment cost of the rainbow slide may need to be doubled. Because they will arrange a special site for placement, and still need to be properly protected, so that the project can be carried out safer. In fact, the planning of the venue and the establishment of related services require fees, in fact, it is also integrated with the investment of the rainbow slide. So if you want to know how much the rainbow slides invest, you may have to spend at least 300,000.

        However, there are many ways to obtain equipment, and you can apply for some discounts to the manufacturers to better promote the construction of the project. Because this market has been recognized by the public and has a very broad future, it is indeed worthy of investment. If you have this idea, you need to do some planning on the specific cost. As for the amount of money invested in the rainbow slide, not only the cost of the equipment, but also a series of expenses such as labor and venue fees. Investors need to plan ahead.

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How much is the rainbow slide investment, depending on the size and grade

        Moreover, the construction of the rainbow slide should also have a main body, which is presented in the form of a playground or an outdoor play area, which can make the overall advantage of the system, and obviously it is an aspect that investors need to pay attention to the overall planning. As long as the entire project is built more comprehensively, it will attract more tourists as a whole. Because in the pursuit of differentiation today, such entertainment scenes are obviously worth building, and there are indeed many investors doing this kind of thing. So you need to plan ahead so that everything can be more reasonable.

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