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How much is the ride outdoor investment price?

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How much is the ride outdoor investment price?

The development of the children's playground has now been a more saturated state, but the outdoor large non-standard amusement equipment has caused more young people and parents' attention. The market has a stable demand, causing a lot of manufacturers to appear. There is a poor supply state. The rapid development of the market has created the climax of outdoor non-standard play equipment, then how much is the investment price of an outdoor play equipment?

This article contains the following

1. Self-consciousness of investors

2. Analysis of investment prices in rides

3. Is investment amusement equipment feasible?

First, investors' self-consciousness

There are now many commercial minds to operate independent amusement projects in major scenic spots, making many tourists staying in the scenic spot, so some investors want to add several large-scale amusement facilities in the same way. However, there is a big competitiveness in the current market. Based on this, some investors who do not have fixed funds have a problem that the ride is worth investing in a hesitation.

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Second, the investment price analysis of the ride

In fact, the price of the play equipment is not much in needing to invest in an unreportant investor. The investment of amusement equipment is directly related to the size of our own venue. It is like it to operate outdoor rides in a large square. The equipment price is relatively low. Common square rides include inflatable naughty castle, orbit small trains, electric small equipment, etc., such equipment prices are in fact, the price of naughty castle is 300 to 500 yuan / square meter.

Third, is investment amusement equipment?

Xiaobian also believes that this is a concept of many investors inherent, and the current children's play market has already had a certain saturation state, and they will have a complete investment, which has strengthened their market competitiveness. In fact, for such an idea, Xiaobian believes that the channels and forms of different regional play equipment development are actually very different. Many people in the first and second tiers have seen the profitability of the children's play industry, so they have been put into it, but there are no outdoor non-standard play equipment in some three or four cities.

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In combination, the price of investment outdoor children's play equipment is not high, mainly to see a requirement you need to invest; follow the feasibility of investment in the play equipment industry is considerable, what kind of development channels and forms are very important of.

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