How should stainless steel slide?

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How should stainless steel slide?

With the advancement of technology, the quality of children's play equipment, the figure of stainless steel slides appear in people's field of view, and it has been favored by more and more people. So for the stainless slide, many people have a question: how much is the stainless slide? How to choose? Since there will be some small details in the process of purchasing stainless steel slides, these small details will often lead to eventually unavoidable losses, so let me mean that you will buy stainless steel slides.

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First consider the raw material, consider that he is extremely small, unconfilled, and the environmental performance of the material, and put safety environmental protection in the first place. Stainless steel slide, all use 304 stainless steel, 304 you will not be unfamiliar, because 304 materials of stainless steel are widely used in the tableware, the safety is unquestionable, followed by the material performance more stable, no fading, The surface is smooth, it is more suitable for the slide, slide! Then look from the design, see if there is a sharp corner, the product used by children is not allowed to appear sharp corners, so if you need it, you will use the rounded or arc over. Second, it is reasonable to see if the stainless steel slide is reasonable in design, and whether most children 'needs are met. Because the main user of the slide is still a child, it is not possible to see from the height of the slide, too high or too low. Child does not recommend more than 5m, and adult slides are not recommended for more than 15m, mainly in order to consider safety factors.

Secondly, the length of the rope chain and the armrests on both sides are all crucial. These are all crucial, and they must be considered for the prevention of small friends. It is ultimately considering the slope and the height of the left and right baffles, because the children are more moving. Also consider the child's age group, choose different slides for different ages.

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The equipment material of the stainless steel slide is mainly stainless steel, all stainless steel manufacturers use 304 stainless steel, of course, manufacturers have 201 stainless steel. The production technology of the child stainless steel slide equipment has passed a period of precipitation and accumulation, and the production level of the manufacturer will be relatively high. Stainless steel slide manufacturers must have corresponding production qualifications, should be through quality certification (ISO9000-2000), environmental certification (ISO14001-2004), national mandatory safety certification (3C certification), third-party security certification (CE certification) unit. Select some reputation, qualified stainless steel slide manufacturers are safe and durable.

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