How should the play sand pool equipment clean?

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How should the play sand pool equipment clean?

Sha Pine Amusement is one of the indispensable players of the playground. As a project that can play together is the sand and the sand and shovel sand tools. The purchase cost of the Sha pool project is relatively low, and it is also a play experience project with very high cost-effective programs in children, and is deeply loved by parents. Like most outdoor contact amusement equipment, Sha Tei will also be contaminated with some dirty things in the process of use, and daily cleaning and maintenance is essential. But because the sand pool equipment can neither use water to wipe with a wet cloth, this makes many playground operators caught in trouble. Here, Music Xiaobian will introduce you to how to clean and maintain people who can't get started.

This article contains the following:

1. Pay attention to daily maintenance work

2. Treated the contaminated sand

3. Spless sand tools should be cleaned

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First, pay attention to everyday maintenance work

If the sand pool equipment is difficult to clean it, it is difficult to clean it. Therefore, the staff in the park must pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance. When you often check if the children playing in Sha Tou will carry easy to break, easy to wet. At the same time, it is necessary to see if parents and children have done the following: Children, children who cannot be self-careless, need to wear, eat the Sand Pool activity center, prohibiting the exterior of sand in the sand. If there is discovered behavior, it is necessary to stop it as a staff.

Second, timely handling contaminated sand

If parents and children can obey the play rules in the park and corresponding requirements, the sand pool will not be easily stained, but there are also other special circumstances in the open process, such as children vomiting. , Diarrhea, etc. When encountering such circumstances, the staff should help parents and children handle the contamination of the body in a timely manner, but also to clean the contaminated sand and disinfect.

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Third, the shovel sand tool is often cleaned

Since the sand in the sand pool cannot be cleaned, we can also keep the casings clean and clean. In the sand pool, the usage frequency of the shovel sand tool is equally high, and the shovel is also easy to be blurred compared to the sand, so the operator must often disinfect the shovel and the surrounding fence. The sand can also take it out when the sun is shining, and it is often sunbreaking, sterilizing and disinfection.

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