How the kindergarten uses a roof and other play equipment

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How the kindergarten uses a roof and other play equipment

Each kindergarten must understand the features of the large toys in kindergartens to give children and teachers \"Tips \" for each feature, let them know which places should be paid to what to avoid accidents.

This article contains the following:

1, slide

2, climbing wall

3, spider web

4, simulation teaching

5, live demo

Taiyuan Obao Suibu Platform Case (1)

First, slide

The slide is sliding from a height. Due to inertia, the child will fell, the faster the speed. At this time, the center of gravity of the whole person will be forward, and the slip may appear. When we slide, we only need to slightly tilt backwards, and then put the center of gravity in the person, it can effectively reduce the speed of slipping down and avoid accidents.

Second, climbing wall

The climbing wall exercise is the ability of children's hands and feet, and the muscle training of the whole body. The children must use their hands and feet, and one hand caught an ankle to climb. The hand should firmly grasp the rock climbing point, and the feet are inversely close to the rock climbing point to increase the contact surface with the rock climbing point (do not use the foot tip to step on the climbing point, which cannot effectively step on the climbing point). Hands and feet can't leave the rock climbing point at the same time, so as not to catch up with the child, accidentally occur.

Third, spider web

The spider web is another form of climbing, the child wants to learn the direction of the spider's spider web, imagine it into a spider, starting from the original point, one point, a circle, woven the spider web, just like Like the rock climbing wall, we must ensure that both hands and feet cannot leave the spider web at the same time. When it is stepped on, it should be on the node of each rope network, and the hand must seize the node, so that it can be more stable.

Outdoor combination climbing 9

Fourth, simulation teaching

In kindergarten, the slide is a very popular large toy for children, but many children only know fun, but do not know how to play properly, safely play slides, when they come to the slide, sometimes fight, grab Playing slides. Strive for the use of slides, etc., it is easy for children to be injured. The teacher should take the children to go to the scene to learn how to play slides correctly, let the children know more, learn to talk about order, use the correct way to use the degree of toys.

Five, live demonstration

Through different teaching and drills for children, let children learn how to use large toys such as slides, and they can know the danger of incorrect play, so that the danger of incorrect play is.

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