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How to address and operate indoor children's paradise

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How to address and operate indoor children's paradise

The indoor children's paradise has developed to this day, all major shopping malls haveIndoor children's paradiseAlmost become a supporting measures for all malls, and the popularity of the indoor children's paradise is self-evident.

This article contains the following:

1, indoor children's paradise location

2, business form

Naughty Fort + Indoor Children's Paradise - (104)

First, indoor children's paradise location

The location of the indoor children's paradise site is relatively flexible. Large supermarket, community, hospital, early education center, kindergarten, etc. As long as people are large, children are relatively concentrated, they are suitable for children's parks.

1. First-tier city shopping mall Lin Li, many shopping malls basically have this project of indoor children's park, so passenger traffic is scattered, plus the rent is very high, the salesperson is also high, even if the business is good, it is not a total of how many profits. So you can sit on the community, hospital, and kindergarten;

2, second, third-tier cities, relatively cheap, labor cost, can be selected near the landmark shopping mall or shopping mall, or community, early education center, hospital, kindergarten, etc .;

3, township cities can open a larger children's park with larger commercial supermarkets and commercial circles.

Naughty Fort + Indoor Children's Paradise - (112)

Second, business form

investIndoor children's paradiseFlexible form, can open a franchise separately, can operate multiple project operations, can also cooperate in the form of joint venture.

1. Independent facade specialization, the popularity of the popularity of the popular passenger flow, the area is relatively large, the theme of the Children's Paradise is more rich, which is conducive to attracting and surrounding families;

2, can operate multiple projects, you can open the maternal and child living museum, baby swimming pool, etc.

3. Cooperative joint venture, can cooperate with local business superiority, with commercial super cooperation generally have two deduction points of rent and joint venture. If the mall rent is cheap, the popularity is high, doing leases. If the investors are not confirmed by the popularity of the mall, the deduction point will compare insurance.

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