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How to build a multi-color slide in Henan

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How to build a multi-color slide in Henan

The rhythm of modern city people live, desire to relax during their weekend. Many people like to relax with the whole family in the integrated amusement park, which is a big business opportunity. Henan Color Slide is a comprehensive amusement equipment, which can form a comprehensive amusement park, which is very attractive to the office workers around the surrounding cities, which is worth investoring.

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How to build a multi-color slide in Henan

Colorful slideIt belongs to a large amusement device, which covers a large area, but it is not high in the land area, and the venue that can be idle around can make another play project, which can form a integrated amusement space. The length of the colorful slide of Henan can reach more than 100 meters, the height is around twenty meters, the equipment is suitable for construction in the ridiculous mountain zone of the city, the land is cheap, and it is empty and suitable for building this large amusement complex. The surrounding of the rainbow slide can be used to make a drink, small amusement equipment, farmhouse, idyllic scenery, etc., and different themes can be combined.

The price of colorful slides is cheap, and the overall investment cost is controllable. The current investment amount of Henan color slide is about 2.0 million, including the cost of full equipment, design and installation of the design and the fees for post-maintenance and maintenance. In fact, there are many concessions provided by the manufacturers. As a play equipment investment, the cost of this project is not high, and the equipment is a one-time investment, and the follow-up can be repeatedly used, and the cost performance of investment is very high. The material of the rainbow slide is durable, there are different types to choose from, and the style of the rainbow slide can be made according to the surrounding environment and the theme of the playground, form a perfect comprehensive effect.

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How to build a multi-color slide in Henan

Colorful slide is the current network red project, which can attract a large number of tourists, then combine with other play and leisure projects, and the overall profitability is strong. Henan color slide is currently less than 100 yuan, can be said to be popular amusement projects, ultra-low prices can attract a lot of tourists, plus other projects, and the profit is very large. In fact, the play project is a combination of high profit and low profit, so visitors feel cost-effective, and the project is rich, and the price is also relatively reasonable. The increase in the number of visitors can increase profits, but operating costs will not rise too much.

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