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How to choose a good play device

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How to choose a good play device

With the development of society, the community, kindergartens, parks and other units are also increasingly attached to the impact of rides to themselves, and some units are also intended to include the purchase of outdoor play facilities into future development plans. But good play equipment can attract more interests and eyeballs, then how to choose good outdoor play equipment?

This article contains the following:

First, the process is excellent, equipment safety

Second, there is a lasting interesting and openness

Third, design for different age

Non-standard outdoor play equipment + children's play equipment factory - (26)

1, excellent process, equipment safety

Good outdoor play equipment requires excellent material production, plus absorbent design to make children's play equipment more value. Amusement equipment should be inextricably non-toxic and cannot have pointed edges. Some combinations should be very strong to avoid peeling of children. In addition, pay attention to whether to contain harmful chemical components in the toys, do not use flammable materials. For young children and church children, there should be long ropes and widgets in the toy.

2, have lasting fun and openness

Good children's outdoor play equipment can make children repeatedly, think about a variety of different angles, and they are not bored. The child is always full of curiosity. In addition, they also like to use imagination. In these outdoor players, the good outdoor play equipment does not have a fixed usage, the children can explore and develop a variety of possible gameplay, therefore, in each growth stage It can make children create new gameplay according to different ideas.

3, design for different age

Children learn through games, if children can get victory through games, they will have a sense of accomplishment, so they are very happy to be a person who dares to pursue victory. Unlike children's age and talents, outdoor play equipment should be different. The children like to play, things they can conquer, and outdoor play equipment projects will make children generate an ambulatory, too simple and let them feel Boring.

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