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How to choose a large combination slide in kindergarten?

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How to choose a large combination slide in kindergarten?

Kindergarten is the second development point of children's education, and children grow knowledge and communication through novelty game devices in kindergarten. And say that the most popular game equipment in kindergartens isLarge combination slideIn order to create a better growth environment for children, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of large combination slides. So, how to choose a large combination of kindergarten? Therefore, here will briefly introduce several methods for selecting exquisite large combination slides.

1.High quality material

At present, the production of large-scale combined slides in kindergartens is mainly based on wooden, plastics, stainless steel, but the combination of plastics and wood materials will be affected by strong external factors, resulting in no longer service life. Therefore, the combined slide made of stainless steel is more advantageous, compared to the traditional plastic material, stainless steel ensures the weather resistance and longer service life of the slide.

Interior Amusement + Climbing + Devil Slide + Children's Paradise (24)

How to choose a large combination slide in kindergarten?

2.Select the key design

Kindergarten pays attention to the cultivation of children's thinking extensions, so as a non-missable game item in kindergarten - large combination slides must have a good design. It is usually determined by a large combination slide to determine whether the child climbed, the length of the slide, the length of the slide, etc. Second, it is necessary to focus on the design of the new stranger. If it is only a combination of traditional style, it is inevitable Causes the child's play fatigue. Comparable design large combination of slide creativity can be designed by the subject nature, such as sponge baby theme slide, Doraemo theme slide, etc.

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How to choose a large combination slide in kindergarten?

3.Pay attention to color contrast

A better kindergarten game equipment requires a bright color visual sense, and children are sensitive to color identification in age, and bright colors can bring better appointments to their children. Because the area of ​​the large combination slide is also large, the children can be more active through the color of the slide. Colorful slides can also make the children's desire to play.

In fact, there should be systematic investigations on how to choose a large combination of kindergartens, because large combination slides are usually customized products, so the requirements in the production process are also relatively high. In order to reduce unnecessary funding risks in the large-scale combination of kindergartens, and reduce security risks during normal use, it is recommended to choose a combined slide manufacturer with certain market brands to conduct professional customization.


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