How to choose from outdoor children's playground in different age groups?

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How to choose from outdoor children's playground in different age groups?

Because the gap between age, the children of different ages have a large different equipment, and the children's entertainment equipment should be set up with the children's preferences. The children in the different phases are also different, so the choice of equipment is crucial, not only for entertainment, but also considers the physical and mental development of children. Let's take a small number of devices in different ages. What are the more meaningful equipment in different ages!

Amusement equipment for different ages

1-3 years old: Because children under the age of 3 have difficulty controlling challenging amusement projects, it is recommended to choose small children's outdoor naughty castle projects. This is a design according to the child's initial growth, mainly covers some Basic climbing, climbing, running, jumping, rolling, etc., combined with different nature toys to cultivate children in the future growing small habits. Naughty castle is combined with a variety of outdoors, such as trampoline, space sand, swing, marine ball, and so on.

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3-5 years old: The children at this stage are more inclined to have a challenging and playful amusement equipment, in addition to the characteristics of simple climbing, climbing, rolling, etc., can also be designed to design Projects, such as Zhi Yong Dago, beach for treasure, etc.

5-10 years old:Wenzhou Chau AmusementNow in the prevention and treatment of \"Smart + Amusement \" focus on the development of children's intelligent comprehensive development, including sports, such as cyclone drift, prince motorcycle, etc., these different types of projects can play their hands-on capabilities and The brain ability, let the children release their own nature while playing.

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Selection factor of amusement equipment

Combine naturally, entertaining: Children are far more than adults, children prefer natural landscape trees in nature, so they can be purchased in accordance with different styles of nature when choosing children's playground. Strengthen color, mainly with warm colors: color is something that can make children feel directly, is the primary reason for the world's internal changes. The color of the color for children is relatively large, bright color can bring more pleasant mood to children.

There are a lot of fun, the theme is clear: the more advantageous design in the market is the creation of the IP image. Through a fixed theme to build a more harmonious theme park, you can make children feel excited.


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