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How to choose outdoor children's play equipment venues?

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How to choose outdoor children's play equipment venues?

The investment in the outdoor children's play equipment industry has become a project that has been fighting each other in recent years. More and more people want to join the entire industry. Before Xiaobian also organized everyone to organize the selection of outdoor play equipment, outdoor play equipment investment manufacturers choose a series of investment related topics, today Xiaobian wants everyone to choose the outdoor children's play equipment venue? The reasonable choice of venues is a key factor and conditions for running playgrounds.

This article contains the following:

SuitableOutdoor children's play equipmentSite recommended

2. Introduction to the pre-lease and leasing

3. Importance of reasonable selection of venues

Non-standard travel + from the infrastructure to the completion + outdoor playground (2)

First, suitable for outdoor children's play equipment venues recommended

No exception, any industry requires an excellent resource site for its own brand and services, and invests outdoor children's play equipment. At the same time, the investment in outdoor children's play equipment requires superior geographical conditions, especially the traffic, the venue is wide, and the convenient transportation hub is most appropriate. Due to the size of the outdoor play equipment, there is a big requirement for the restrictions on the space of the playground, so the venues available to the children's play equipment industry have: Amusement Park, shopping mall, life community, square, park and other places.

Second, the pre-lease period and lease appropriate introduction

After the selection is appropriate, you need to determine the rent-related conditions of the site. Prior to this, as an investment operator needs to invest in the venue. If you don't understand, you can complete the corresponding play equipment manufacturers, you can first make the actual size, electrical conditions, infrastructure, etc. needed by the manufacturer, so that you can determine The venue requirement required. Second, it is also necessary to understand the development potential of the venue surrounding, is there a large tree or building inside and outside the field, affecting the efficiency of the site equipment installation? Then, be sure to reach an intent agreement with the site lease, so that the stability of the operation can be guaranteed.

Non-standard travel + from the foundation to the completion + outdoor playground (3)

Third, the importance of reasonable selection of venues

When you operate outdoor children's playground, you can see the true advantage of the site, and the people who choose to pay attention to the play will naturally become more. Site selection must be taken from rent, people, traffic, environment, and target people. The market research is to help you choose the right place.

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