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How to choose outdoor play equipment?

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How to choose outdoor play equipment?

Urban construction is no longer limited to how high the house is, but the overall supporting is more and more. In order to meet the needs of amusement, many tourist scenic spots, kindergartens, parks, communities, real estate, playgrounds, and squares will place some children's play equipment for children to play. In the face of a variety of outdoor play equipment, how should I choose outdoor play equipment, what is the characteristics of these supporting players? How to choose an outdoor play device?

This article contains the following points:

First, touch the demand, find the positioning

Second, safety is main, quality assurance

Third, meet the needs, vary from person to person

Fourth, quality service, cost performance

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1, touch, find the positioning

When choosing an outdoor play equipment, the selection of outdoor play equipment is positioned according to the venue, the user (number, age, preference) and the park requirements. Children's outdoor play equipment focuses on the exhibition, personalized aesthetics, combined with traditional culture, combination of various factors. The purpose is to let children experience fun in play, learn to share, and enhance physical fitness.

Outdoor children's play equipment belongs to custom products, types of thousands of varieties, can not blindly follow the wind when ordering outdoor play equipment. Investors must observe whether there is new meaning, but also to understand the market market, combine their own situation, choose outdoor children's play equipment that suits their own places needs and use. The professional team combines for many years, according to the property, user needs provide reasonable custom plan.

2, safety, quality assurance

Good quality outdoor play equipment must be made of good material, plus people's design elements, let the play equipment more valuable, outdoor play equipment should have no smell, non-toxic, no winger, some of its portfolio is very strong Avoid loose threats to safety, and the long-term durable children's outdoor playgrounds are durable, and create a scientific and human outdoor playground, giving children more joy, and strengthen the people.

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3, meet demand, depending on people

Outdoor play equipment is different because of the age hierarchy of the child, whether it is a facility, the content is basically a thousand articles, which leads to investors who cannot provide competitiveness for the playground after purchasing facilities. Good design is for children. The interest points of different ages are designed. Good facilities will let the children play repeatedly, always interested, but they must understand that it is too difficult to combat the child's self-confidence, too easy to attract children.

There are two kinds of personality that divide the child in personality: external direction is lively, inside quiet. In response to the external lively child, the playground can choose a child slide, children's rope net, climbing net, child expansion, etc. according to the child's own character. For the inherent children, you can choose to shake music, swing, tap musical instruments, microphone, etc.

4, quality service, cost performance

When purchasing outdoor play equipment, the price / performance ratio is the focus. It is better than which is more suitable for yourself, such as technical strength, manufacturing capabilities, product technology, reasonable planning plan, corporate reputation, after-sales service, The price, etc. should be used as a reference factor, and the goods are more than three, both preferential prices, but also to consider, do not greed small, blind compression cost, causing safety hazards.

Choose the precautions for outdoor play equipment, in addition to the above optional points, pay attention to:

1 The use of play equipment materials must meet national quality inspection standards, there is a relevant safety inspection certificate to produce qualified products.

2 In order to avoid accidents where tourists collide in free activities, the manufacturer should avoid the protruding of sharp objects when designing and production, trying to use radian smooth structure.

3 Manufacturers must strictly measure the equipment structure, load, and design and strictly play.

4 The load, playing methods, and maintenance precautions must be cleared with operators and do related training.

5 Arrange regularly to check and maintain the operated rides.

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