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How to choose the genre site

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How to choose the genre site

Now the city people like a play project with sports effects, slide snaps can make everyone experience the fun of sports, and there is also the effect of play. This project can play together, now there are many places to set this project. In fact, we must want to have a good business effect. The selection of the slurry project is very important. Choose a suitable venue, which must save costs and guarantee Amusement effect. Pay attention to these aspects during the site selection process.

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How to choose the genre site

Choose an empty place, lengthenslideLength, improve the fun of play experience. The slide slide project is a large amusement project, which can be used as a topic amusement park, so it takes a lot of places. You can set up large equipment in the air of the city's suburbs. The slide project of the slide can make tourists have a better experience, and the slide slopes that are long enough will not be large, and older children can play it. The slide should not be erected on commercial land, the rent is high, and the space is small, and there is too much restriction factor on the slide.

Choose a gentle place, reduce the speed of decline, and ensure the safety of tourists. The slide slide project is not suitable for construction in the mountainous area, where the terrain is not flat enough, if you want to make a multi-level processing of the foundation, increase investment costs. At the same time, the terrain of the mountainous area is unstable, and it is necessary to reinforce so security may be affected. It is a good choice for the sliding slide on a gentle hillside. The settling of the slide is not complicated, but there is a high demand for the terrain. It can have a better business effect in the safe place.

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How to choose the genre site

Choose a place to facilitate transportation, improve the number of visitors, increase your profitability. Slide slurry can choose in remote places, but the transportation facilities are convenient, and at least visitors can find this place smoothly, otherwise visitors can come here to experience the rides? Some people choose to set up slide projects in the play city, as long as the site conditions are allowed. Because the slide of the grass is relatively large, it is suitable for a theme park separately. The slide built in the playground is small, the experience is not very full, but the number of tourists in the playground is much enough, or the good business effect can be achieved.

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